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Menindaklanjuti Surat dari Kopertis Wilayah VII Jawa Timur nomor: 0890/K7/KM/2018 tentang Penetapan Pagu Beasiswa PPA Tahun 2018, kami sampaikan hal-hal sebagai berikut:1. PENGUMUMAN BEASISWA PPA DAN BBP PPA 2018, 2. DAFTAR KELENGKAPAN BERKAS BEASISWA PPA TAHUN 2018, 3. FORMULIR BEASISWA PPA TAHUN 2018, 4. SURAT PERNYATAAN BELUM PERNAH MENDAPAT BEASISWA, dan 5. Pedoman Penilaian Ko-dan Ekstra Untuk Prodi


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Debating is about persuasion. Debating is not about rules. People are persuaded by various means, rational and irrational, logical and illogical.Persuasion may differ depending on cultural context and local customs. The purpose of this guide is to provide some objectivity about what constitutes effective debating. For more guideline, download this DEBATE GUIDE HANDBOOK

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to all students of Basic English Grammar Class, please download this material. Thanks. overview-of-verb-tenses

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For students of 1A, 1B, and 1C, please download this material as your exercise on Basic English Grammar. Thanks. present-time

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Here is the material for English Debate (casebuilding). casebuilding and casebuilding

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Download this material and do the exercises. exercises-on-noun-and-pronouns_basic-english-grammar-1

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Please, download this material as introduction to Basic English Grammar. Thanks. introduction-to-basic-english-grammar

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Understanding American Culture
Tips for Acclimating to US Daily Life


Below is a list of a few notable differences between Americans and people from other countries. Understanding these basic differences will enable you to better adapt to your new culture in the US.


Demeanor – Americans are much more assertive than most international visitors. They use words as tools to express their opinions and to accomplish goals. The United States is a rather individualistic society, with less social pressure to conform. As a result, you will need to become more assertive and to speak out on your own behalf. Take the initiative and volunteer information that will be of interest. In an interview, talk about your goals and accomplishments. An American idiom expresses this requirement succinctly: If you don’t toot your own horn, who will?

Accordingly, Americans begin a discussion with a focus on accomplishments and concrete facts, and later proceed to the abstract. You should begin any conversation or proposal with the most important information. Be direct, and reserve small talk for later. Eye contact is also important. It is not a sign of disrespect, but instead an indication of openness, honesty and enthusiasm. Further reading download this material Understanding American Culture

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Etiquette and Behavior

Introductions. If you meet someone you know on the street while you are with someone else they do not know, it is polite (and customary) to introduce the people to each other.


Foreign Languages. If you are with a group of mainly English-speaking people and the conversation is going on in English, it is not polite to speak in your own or another foreign language for more than a few sentences.


Taboo Topics. The use of swear words, obscenities, or ethnic vulgarisms is best avoided in conversation, even if you hear someone else using this kind of language. Also, avoid telling off-color or sexually explicit stories or jokes. This kind of language may be effective with some Americans, but can be deeply offensive and off-putting to others. The habitual use of obscenities, in or out of context, is never a good idea. You may indeed hear it, but do not repeat it. See more click this link EVERYDAY MANNERS

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